Skils – Endowment Fund contributed to a unique textbook created by grammar school students

Skils – Endowment Fund, a fund whose main partner is Skils, contributed financially to the publication of a chemistry textbook intended for the 1st year of high schools. The collection of chemical experiments is unique as it was created by students of the first year of the EDUCAnet Grammar School in Prague.

According to the young authors, the textbook is intended to improve the form of teaching chemistry in the first year of high schools, but the experiments in the collection can also be used as a supplementary form of education at the primary level.

The Skils – Endowment Fund was established in early 2009 to contribute to the improvement and development of the quality of life of individuals, the development of spiritual and material values and the application of basic human rights and humanitarian principles in society. Since 2009, the Fund has supported hundreds of individual applications in the amount exceeding CZK 10 million.