Jiří Kindl, as Chairman of the Board of the Commission on Competition of the ICC CR, moderated the round table with Office for the Protection of Competition

Partner of Skils Jiří Kindl, from the position of chairman of the Commission on Competition of the ICC CR (International Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic), moderated the round table between representatives of the management of the Office for the Protection of Competition (OPC) and members of the Competition Commission, respectively other ICC CR members and visitors.

The round table took place on April 18, 2024 in the premises of the Union of Czech Production Co-operatives. On behalf of OPC, its management took part in the meeting: Petr Mlsna (Chairman of OPC) and Kamil Nejezchleb (Deputy Chairman of the Competition Section).

The subject of the discussion was current topics in the field of economic competition, specifically the discussion related to the new legislative proposal to strengthen the powers of the OPC, the application of new OPC methodologies and the practice of the OPC in the field of cartel agreements concluded between participants in tenders and agreements on determining prices for resale.

The Commission on Competition was established by the ICC CR in 2022 with the aim of dealing with current issues related to competition in the Czech Republic and within the Central European region. Jiří Kindl chairs the five-member board, which is in charge of the executive management of the Commission’s activities.
More information on the activities of the Commission on Economic Competition and the round table is available on the website of the ICC CR.