Skils successfully defended Ústecký kraj (Ústí Region) in a dispute with a car carrier over the payment of almost CZK 750 million (app. EUR 29.5 million)

Skils achieved a significant success in representing Ústecký kraj in court proceedings before the District Court in Ústí nad Labem in a claim of the company DPÚK a.s. demanding the payment of unjust enrichment in the total amount of almost CZK 750 million (including default interest). DPÚK claimed respective unjust enrichment in connection with the operation of public line transport in the territory of Ústecký kraj in the years 2006-2010. The court fully concurred with the argumentation of Ústecký kraj that the bus carrier was not entitled to recover unjust enrichment for the operation of the unsolicited transport and consequently dismissed the claim of the bus carrier and ordered him to reimburse Ústecký kraj for the cost of the proceedings.

This result represents the latest instance in a series of successes in representation of Ústecký kraj by Skils in legal disputes with bus carriers.