Pro bono

Pro bono

Pro bono work is deeply rooted in our culture and so is the conviction that volunteering our skills to those less fortunate in our society belongs among the highest values a law firm can hold.

For instance, we have recently provided pro bono work to:

  • The Charter 77 Foundation (Nadace Charty 77), a leading charitable organization in the Czech Republic. Its most well-known activity is the “Barriers Account”, a project which primarily focuses on people with health disabilities.
  • The Bátor Tábor Foundation which organizes camps for seriously ill children.
  • The Club of Cystic Fibrosis in relation to its labor and contract law, as well as governance and operational issues. Furthermore, we helped some of its members when they were going through difficult life situations.
  • The Club for Old Prague which is active in the field of historic preservation, more precisely in relation to the planned restoration of the Judith Tower of the Charles Bridge in Prague, a national cultural monument.
  • The preparation of an architectural project called the Czech Island House. This is a project of a self-sufficient building using self-produced electricity, thus fundamentally contributing to a sustainable future.
  • The Hippotherapy Centre Mirákl, a charitable organization, which organizes hippotherapy courses. We helped the charity with its manifold matters related to governance, labor, and contract law, and other operational issues.

Skils – Endowment Fund

Skils s.r.o. advokátní kancelář is also the main partner of the Skils – Endowment Fund. The Fund was established at the beginning of 2009 as the WEIL, GOTSHAL – Endowment Fund in order to contribute to the improvement and advancement of the quality of life of individuals, the development of spiritual and material values, and the exercise of human rights and humanitarian principles within the society. The endowment fund builds on the extensive charitable work provided by the law firm Skils.

The Fund carries out activities particularly aimed at:

  • Supporting people who are disadvantaged in our society due to their health condition and/or social status and/or ethnic origin;
  • Improving education and supporting young talented people;
  • Promoting physical development and sports activities;
  • Supporting the development of healthcare facilities, especially their equipment, and promoting art;
  • Improving the quality of the environment and supporting environmental projects and other generally beneficial and essential activities.